A Choir On America's Got Talent Performed Civilization IV's Main Theme

Video games are not usually represented on talent shows, but the Angel City Chorale found a way to sneak them into America’s Got Talent this week.

The choir, which is 145-people strong on the show, sings Sid Meier’s Civilization IV’s main theme into the show for a fantastic performance. Check it out below.

The choir got moved ahead thanks to Olivia Munn, most recently Psylocke in X-Men: Days of Future Past, hitting them with a golden buzzer, which sends them to the next round. It’s questionable whether any of the judges recognized the song’s source, but Munn did used to co-host Attack of the Show on G4, so she’s the most likely of any.

What video game songs do you think would have also blown away the judges?

Source: gameinformer.com